Massage Services

Got an hour? Book a massage and experience the therapeutic advantages it has to offer. At Oasis, we have just the massage to help case what pains you, whether it be muscle injury, tension, stress, or just the need to let go and relax. We provide top standard treatments delivered by registered massage therapists at cost-friendly prices.

Our services include:

Massage Therapy

In massage therapy, therapists use therapeutic massage methods to decrease pain, stress and muscle tension.

Oasis is excited to provide massage therapy as part of our offerings. You do not have to be injured to reap the advantages of massage. We also cater to those looking to just relax or unwind.

A few of the therapeutic advantages from getting a massage contain: a boost to your immune and energy system, increased blood circulation, decreased pain, decreased muscle tension, lower stress levels, muscle mobility and improved joint.

Get a customized massage, in a friendly and caring environment.

30 min for $40 | 60 min for $60 | 90 min for $90

60 min for $120

Specialty Massage

Move beyond the discomfort and tightness caused by daily tension. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation or targeted healing, let your journey to recovery start with a deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, individual reflexology, or a healing shiatsu massage. We will make sure our therapeutic treatments work for your body to make sure emotional and physical rejuvenation.

60 min for $70 | 90 min for $100

Chair Massage

Chair massage is done while the client is completely clothed and relaxed in a unique massage chair that permit access to the areas of greatest muscle tension, neck, back, head, arms, shoulders, and hands.

Regular chair massage can offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience for your clientele or employees in many ways including:

  • Reduced tension and stress
  • Relief from aching muscles
  • Heightened productivity
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Can even decrease sick time
  • Increased morale and employee appreciation

10 min for $10 | 20 min for $20 | 30 min for $30

Foot Massage

The practice of foot massage has been used in lots of cultures for centuries to better health and relax the body. Most forms of foot massage borrow elements from a big range of practices, such as Reflexology and Shiatsu, which follow the belief that applying force to the more than 7,000 nerves in the foot can let go active blockages in the rest of the body.

Whether you are going yourself a foot massage or making a day of it at a spa with treatment from reflexology practitioner, a foot rub can be rewarding complimentary massage treatment that impacts rightly on your full body.

30 min for $40 | 60 min for $60


What Our Clients Say

Im from out of town and my sister and I got a couples massage here for her birthday! This was the BEST massage my sister and I have ever had! They make sure you are comfortable and listen to your needs! I was kind of iffy about the atmosphere but its amazing! I have had plenty of massages from multiple places and this is by far the best place!

“Me and my husband came here for 60 mins. massage. It was one of the best massage places we’ve been. This place is very clean and cozy. Massage table are very comfy too. So relaxing, Amy is excellent, I have been dealing with back pain, and she was able to make it feel a lot better. I recommend this place for you to try.”

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