One of the questions usually asked by people during massage therapy is how often I should get this procedure? This question is the one that can’t be given a straightforward answer unless all circumstances are fully considered. It implies that the massage schedule of a person depends on the basis for which the person is taking the treatment procedure. In short, the times an athlete undergo the treatment is much different from that of IT personnel. In this article, we are going to examine the various cases for which a person can undergo massage treatment and the frequency for each situation.

  • Massage Frequency for Stress relief.

A massage treatment can relieve pain developed in the body when it is positioned in one posture for a longer time. The stroking and application of pressure to the surface of the skin can help to relieve tight muscles in different parts of the body. Moreover, a good massage session after a long week of work does excellent in keeping the body healthy and prepared for the following week. But the question remains unanswered– how often should I undergo a massage session? For pain and stress relief only, massage therapy should be taken once or twice a month.

  • Massage Frequency for Relaxation.

Having a cold juice under a tree is not as efficient as taking an Aromatherapy massage around lit candles. The aroma in the air and the gentle diffusion of Lavender oil into the skin will cause the brain to activate the relaxation mode. During the therapy, the heartbeat slows down, and the nervous system moderates the anxiety level of the body. This procedure should be taken once in every three months to maintain a healthy relaxation state of the body.

  • Massage Frequency for Sports recovery.

Athletes must engage themselves in a regular massage treatment. The reason has been that the procedure is required to cause faster muscles recovery, prevents injury, and improve performance. The therapy also prepares and motivate the game spirit in athletes. Athletes need the treatment for their physical well-being, but too much of it can be wrong. Therefore, an athlete should have massage three times a week or at least three times a month.

  • Massage Frequency for Chronic issues.

A three times massage in a week can cure patients with chronic pain or injury. Chronic issues may include back pain, joint injury, and localized inflammation. A patient needs either Reflexology, foot massage, or lymphatic drainage massage to alleviate body pains and injury. The strict adherence of patients to the massage schedule and other instructions will restore the normal body condition in a few days.

  • Massage Frequency for Pregnancy.

Women are likely to express hip, joints, and lower back pain due to stress caused by an increase in Weight. Therefore, it is imperative for expecting mothers to undergo a massage session regularly to ease the body and prepares the body for delivery. Unlike every other massage, a pregnancy massage is administered under some specific conditions. One of the terms is that the pregnancy must be at least three months, and the patients must check in with the doctor always to determine her fitness for the procedure. A proper pregnancy massage should be once or twice a month.