Human beings are liable to experience the feelings of self-consciousness when trying out new stuff, and massage is not excluded. The process of revealing one’s body and allowing a stranger to rub their palms against your skin can trigger insecurity and extreme awareness of oneself. Oh! What does she think about me? That black spot at my back will make her feel am not hygienic, oh! Everybody at the spa is eyeing me.

Self-consciousness is not a good feeling for massage, neither living. It can shy people away from having a massage, even when they know that massage improves their health. The following are what you need to do to combat self-consciousness during a massage session;

1. It is not a must to get naked.

Unlike the pictures on Google and massage sessions in movies, it is not compulsory to stripe off completely. The result of a massage session depends on the state of the mind of the recipient i.e.; the person must be comfortable. And if getting naked will result in being self-conscious, do not get naked. You are also free to decide the parts of the body to expose during the massage. Some may prefer to undress to the waist while others may like to keep their underwear on them. But whichever be the case, the therapist is professionals, and they will understand and respect your decision.

However, it is better to know that the parts of the body to massage will be drape with linen, whether you get naked or not. So, the therapist will be uncovering those parts of the body consecutively, but not all at once.

2. Admit the feelings of insecurity.

The feelings of insecurity during a massage did not just erupt from nowhere. It came as a result of what others have said about you or what happened in the past. To overcome this feeling, you have to acknowledge that it happens to everyone with a mind. Therefore, all you need to do is to look past it, sooner or later, the procedure will end.

3. Other people around are not that concerned as you do.

Having a massage in a spa may look like walking into a class for the first time in High school, and it seems like all eyes are on you. But in reality, no one is looking at you, and they are also dealing with their self-conscious mind.

You are your worst critic, and your minds are playing pranks on you. Stay determined and get it done, nobody is judging the way you look.

4. Try it out.

There is nothing to gain from being discouraged and self-pitied. Why not just try new stuff out? Why not only overcome that deceitful spirit in you? Show it that you are greater than all odds and look at all you stand to gain at the end of the therapy. A relaxed state of mind, good health condition, stable anxiety level, low blood pressure, balanced glucose level, to mention a few are the benefits of massage.

5. Direct your focus to other things.

There are better things to think about, and you can try following the ticking of the clock as time passes. The best thing to protect yourself from self-consciousness is by shunning the negative thoughts. You can also focus on the lit candles or call for cool music.

Bringing an accomplice to a spa can also ease the condition, reduce pressure, and improves your mood. 

6. Just enjoy yourself.

Happiness is not in the East or West, it lies there with you, and it is a choice. Why not just have fun while the massage last?