The question of how much should I tip a massage therapist has been disturbing a lot of people. Some find it hard to determine the amount to tip for a massage while others still ask if it is necessary. However, it is essential for people to know the policy behind this culture to attain a good conscience.

For the sake of those who are not familiar with massage etiquette, tipping is the act of giving out a percentage of your massage fee to your massage therapist to show gratitude.

Although this act of generosity is not compulsory, it is an action that people must long to perform to encourage the therapist for an excellent job. According to massage etiquette, the therapist appreciates 20% of your massage fee, but you may choose to give more or less based on the performance grade. Practically, it implies that for a massage session that cost $100;

1. A tip of 20%, which equivalent to $20 must be given to the therapist if they meet your expectations.

2. Or less than 20% if you are not satisfied with their performance.

3. You can reward with more if they go beyond your expectations.

This etiquette also teaches that on no ground must you withhold a tip unless the spa’s policy says so. You are to tip even when the service totally pissed you off, and then proceed to the front desk to express your inconveniences. To tip after the massage, put the amount into the therapist’s pocket or insert it in an envelope as demanded by the policy of some spas. And you can do better by saying “thank you” to appreciate the therapist.

Questions to ask yourself before tipping?

Below are the questions you must answer before tipping a massage specialist;

1. How often do you get a massage?
If you go regularly, don’t feel committed to tip, especially if it may hinder you from getting a quality massage. But if you don’t go often, take it as a must to tip base on the services you were provided. Meanwhile, Tipping must not be a prerequisite for getting a good massage if you are using an excellent and honest spa.

2. What does your budget allow?
Yes, your budget has a great deal on the amount you tip for a massage. The advice remains that you should not tip at all if it would prevent you from getting a well-deserved massage. And always strive to pay the massage therapists what they deserve.

3. Did the massage meet your expectations?
Apart from their performance, you may need to put their attitudes into consideration to determine how much you tip. We’re they nice? Did they show their expertise? We’re they appriopriate in applying pressure? These questions must be answered to determine how much you tip knowing well that a tip is an appreciation, not an obligation.

To be realistic, people often find it hard to tip because they haven’t included it in their budget. Therefore, you should make an estimation of your massage fee to cover the tipping amount into your budget indirectly. Let say your bill is usually $100, then record a rounded figure of $130 as your massage budget. In conclusion, Tipping should not be out of compulsion; it is just a way of giving out the appropriate sum to appreciate a therapist for a job well done.