About Us

Looking for the best massage team to care for your pains and aches? Need an honest appraisal of you or your dear one’s situation in a no-force atmosphere? Let me grab the door for you. Come on over and walk in. You will love it here. Our aim is to help individuals and families of the Cherry Hill, NJ find peace, relaxation and relief. We welcome people from all walks of life to visit Oasis and get a sense of amazing health and performance that we achieve combine.

What moves us

That statement “Movement to an excellent life” encompasses our objective because when you move better, you feel excellent. This is at the center of everything we perform. It is why we are so passionate about helping you decrease pain, increase mobility and get back to life with our complete range of therapeutic services.

Our values live in the minds and hearts of our people

We strive to live our values in everything we perform – going the extra mile, doing the best thing, striving for simplicity, being welcoming and inclusive, and having fun. It is what drives us to better and to succeed.

Our Core Values


We really trust that we can provide a remarkable customer experience while having fun.


We trust we can achieve more combine than alone. We strive to understand the needs of others and integrity, foster fairness, and mutual trust in all our interactions with our workers, business partners and customers.


We are really committed to each other, our clients, and our business. We take ownership of the present moment and respond selflessly with though and care.


We trust that the balance of mind and body are just as much a personal practice as it is a business practice. Being present and mindful helps us to be balanced.


That inner feeling that you want more, striving to be excellent, trusting in what we do.


When we surpass the top expectations, when we do the smallest tasks to our remarkable capability, when our customers are so blown away that they cannot mask their delight, we know we have attained excellence.

What We Do

Help You Find Balance

Ying and Yang – a balanced body and a balanced mind.

Offer Specialty Massages

We have beginner and more advanced massage types. 

Help You Rejuvenate

There are many benefits to massage beyond relaxation and pain relief. 

Plan a Visit

Conveniently located in Cherry Hill, NJ

Come On In

We know that you have a busy schedule and it may not always be possible to make an appointment. That is why we welcome walk-ins, simply come to our spa and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Get In Touch

Appointments are preferred and will take precedence over walk-ins, but we realize the importance of having both options with people’s busy schedules.